Dentist Brick All About Prosthodontics

Cosmetic dentist in Brick, NJ specializes in prosthodontics


Visiting a cosmetic dentist in the Brick, NJ area can be rather intimidating for some patients. They may feel as though the aesthetic concerns are not worthy of a professional’s attention. However, Drs. Hernando Pulido and Lina Maria Pulido of Pulido Dental Care understand that even the smallest of imperfections can affect one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. This is why they specialize in prosthodontists.


Prosthodontics is a special field of dentistry that focuses on restoration of the smile. Being a prosthodontist requires a dentist to take additional training and have further experience than just the standard in dental school. This field includes many of the following services:


  • Dental bridges – bridges are used to replace one or more teeth in a row within the dental arch
  • Dental bonding – composite resin material is used to disguise imperfections of the smile including chipped teeth and gaps between teeth
  • Dental veneers – imperfections can be covered with the use of veneers which are thin porcelain facings bonded to the front of a tooth
  • Porcelain crowns – crowns or “caps” are commonly used to add an extra layer of protection for a natural tooth structure
  • Dental implant restorations – implants are utilized in replacing missing teeth in a permanent manner
  • Implant overdenture -dentures can be made to snap into place with dental implants to give them the ultimate in stability


Determining the prosthodontic solution for your smile starts with a consultation appointment and an initial evaluation. Drs. Hernando Pulido and Lina Maria Pulido examine the smile during a visit and discuss with patients their initial concerns. Then, sometimes in conjunction with x-rays and other diagnostic tools, the team of Pulido Dental Care will make knowledgeable suggestions to patients to help them in making an educated decision in regards to what is best for their unique needs.


If you reside in the area of Brick, NJ and want to speak to a cosmetic dentist who has the experience in providing prosthodontics, contact Drs. Hernando Pulido and Lina Maria Pulido at Pulido Dental Care today at (732) 477-7272.

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