Dentist Brick Braces: How to Talk with Your Kids

Braces for Your Children with Your Family Dentist in Brick NJ

Braces are becoming more common for kids to have as teeth issues are becoming more prevalent in today’s time. However, many kids are afraid to get braces. Why is this? For those kids who are teens, they often think that braces are going to decrease their “cool” factor. However, the health of teeth is the most important factor. This is why it is important that parents and guardians talk with their kids about these braces.


Reason for Braces

One of the best ways to discuss braces with your kids is to talk about the reasons that they are getting these. For example:


  1. Tell them of the cosmetic benefits once these braces are removed. This can be the dose of self-confidence that a child needs to succeed!
  2. Talk about the issues their current teeth have. Talking about the issues of the current teeth showcases why these braces are going to be a must have.
  3. Explain if you had braces and why they were not the end of the world. Also showcase celebrities or the like whom your child likes that have also worn braces. Let them know they are not alone in wearing these.


Talk about Care


Be sure to highlight the care that these braces are going to require. This is super important, and is something that you need to discuss with your child. You will want to explain that this will encourage better dental hygiene, which is another benefit of having to wear braces. Also tell your child:


  • They will need to brush their teeth more often
  • Floss daily
  • Talk about dietary changes as most dentists recommend that a child with braces avoid sticky candies, popcorn and other types of foods that can get stuck in the braces.


Braces are not the end of the world! However, parents should remember that to a child or a teen it could feel as though it is the end of the world. This is why it is important that you talk with your children about this and put them at ease! For more information or other helpful advice, feel free to contact your Family Dentist in Brick NJ today!

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