Dentist Brick Covering Dental Insurance

Revealing The Truth Behind Your Coverage

Insurance can be tricky to understand if you don’t have a basic understanding of the process and terms that are often used by the providers and companies involved. At Pulido Dental Care, your dentists in Brick NJ are asked frequently by patient’s regarding their coverage- and we are always happy to help!


What is covered…what is not? To what percentage is this covered? How much do I have left this year?


All of these above inquiries and more can be answered if you take some time to review some terms and more information, which we have provided below:


Terms to Know:

-Annual Maximum: the maximum amount your insurance provider will pay for a service within the confines of a certain period, usually a calendar year.


-Co-Insurance:  an insurance plan where you pay a certain percentage of total cost for a service.


-Co-Pay: a pre-set, fixed amount you pay for a service. Your provider will set this amount.


-Deductible:  the amount you must first pay for a service out of pocket before your plan covers the rest of the cost.


-Direct assignment billing:  an arrangement between the dentist and provider where the dental bills directly to them. Designed so that you do not have to pay the full cost of the service up front.


It is important to not only know what your insurance may cover for you, but to take advantage of it! Most dental insurances cover twice-yearly comprehensive cleaning, exam, and x-ray appointments. These visits will save you money, time, and potential discomfort that can be associated with more substantial detriment or treatments down the line.


Alongside taking advantage of it, make sure to track your benefits being used in a certain period of time. Know when your period begins and ends, and if you are reaching your maximum coverage for the year. Overage costs can be costly, come out of pocket, and be just not fun to deal with in general.


For more information on what your insurance plan covers, contact the office of the dentist in Brick NJ today by calling (732) 477-7272.

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