See Why Our Family Dentist in Brick NJ is the Best Choice for Your Smile

As your family grows, it is important to find a dentist who can care for your entire family.  They should be able to provide services for each member of your family who needs care – from a spouse, to a child, to a senior.  To make the best possible choice for your family, below is a list of questions that you should ask any prospective family dentist.
1. How experienced are you in pediatric dentistry?
When it comes to your kids, you want the best treatment possible.  You also want your kids to enjoy going to the dentist!  Your family dentist in Brick, NJ has experience in treating children, and we are  skilled in making children feeling comfortable.  A dentist who is good with children is a dentist with happy little patients!
2. What is the minimum age child you will treat?
It is important that you find a family dentist that can treat your child from the time of their first dental appointment until they can take care of their own dental needs.  Some family dentists only treat children once they are 7/8 years of age; if your child is younger, you will need a dentist who understands their treatment needs.  
3. For what services will I need an outside referral?
Not all family dentists offer all dental services. If your family dentist doesn’t offer services such as veneers, implant bridges, or root canals, it may mean that they are inexperienced and can only offer you the most basic of services.  The only dental services you should need to go elsewhere for are traditional orthodontics and surgical dentistry.
4. What dental services do you offer for seniors?
If you are in need of senior dental services, your family dentist should offer implants, partial dentures, and dentures.  If they do not offer these services, they are not a good fit for your family.
While there may be additional questions you have regarding your personal dental needs, the above should get you started on the path to choosing the right family dentist for you and your family.
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