Brick, NJ Dentist Shares Natural Whiteners

Everyone knows all the bad foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, leaving you with a smile that leaves much to be desired. Sugary drinks, coffee, soda, wine, and sugary foods can all put a damper on your smile. The good news is there is plenty of foods that will help your teeth whiten and become healthier in the process. Here's some bonus good news: the foods aren't things like kale smoothies or other foods that would upset most people. Below is a list of foods that can help naturally whiten your teeth and why.
These lovely fruits will stain just about everything else, but they will work hard to whiten your teeth. This is because strawberries have an enzyme called 'malic acid', which works to break down the bacteria and other food and drink particles that stain your teeth. The common home teeth whitening remedy using strawberries is crushing or blending up whole strawberries, spreading the puree across every tooth, and leaving for 5 minutes. Although, eating them slowly will have the same effect. Make sure you brush, floss, and rinse soon afterwards, because the malic acid can do too good of a job and break down enamel just like any other old food will. 
Carrots, Celery, and Apples
These fruits and veggies aren't exactly special like strawberries are, but they do have teeth whitening qualities like increasing saliva production, which is your mouth's bathwater. The acid in the fruits do help break down bad bacteria, but again, they can work too well. The stringy texture of celery, the and the harder, crunchy textures of carrots and apples help to remove lodged food particles, clean off plaque, and cleans off gum tissue as well. 
Pineapples and Oranges
Lemons can be put into this category because they share a similar level of acid content as oranges and pineapples but can also break down enamel quickly. Chewing up tart foods will increase saliva production and helps to break down the bacteria that causes teeth to darken. 
Baking Soda
While this is technically not a standalone food item, it is used for baking, so it makes the list. Almost all toothpaste includes baking soda as one of its ingredients because of its tooth whitening ability. Once in a while, but not every day, you can brush with baking soda straight from the box to whiten your teeth.
Cheese, Yogurt, and Milk
Dairy is proven to strengthen bones. The proteins in yogurt fight bad bacteria, the harder cheeses clean teeth better, and the lactic acid in milk strengthens enamel and fights against plaque. 
These foods are proven to give you a whiter, healthier smile. Eating them will also give you a better overall diet, so your body can be as healthy as can be. 
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