Nighttime Dental Care with Your Brick NJ General Dentist

If you are like many people, you probably have some concerns about how to care for your mouth at night. Here is a list of some of the most common questions about nighttime oral care along with the answers.
Why is Nighttime Oral Care Important?
While we sleep, we are not swallowing. This allows the bacteria to grow in our mouths throughout the night. 
By properly cleaning your mouth, you don’t allow bacteria the opportunity to feed on anything.
What are the Proper Steps for Nighttime Care?
1. Brushing
2. Flossing
3. Rinse with Mouthwash (if desired)
Make sure that all of the food particles within the mouth are removed.
Do I Brush After Dinner or Before Bed?
This is a common question that doesn’t have a right answer. People who tend to be at lower risk for cavities could easily wait until bedtime to brush.
A higher-risk person would most likely benefit from brushing after dinner and again before bed.
Why Should I Floss at Night?
Flossing is critical because it removes any plaque that has built up. Once that plaque is allowed to harden, it will turn into tartar. Then, only a professional cleaning will remove it.
People who are at higher risk of gum disease might even want to floss twice a day or after every meal.
How Can I Prevent Teeth Grinding?
The teeth take a lot of abuse when you grind your teeth at night. The best practice you can incorporate is to use a mouthguard during sleeping hours. 
This will minimize damage to your teeth throughout the night. 
How Can I Achieve Better Breath When I Wake Up?
Waking up with fresh breath isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. There are some mouthwashes that claim to do this, but it just doesn’t seem practical.
If you ensure a quality daytime and nighttime oral care routine, your mouth will be in better shape which can lead to overall better breath.
For more of your nighttime questions, be sure to make a list and take them to your next dental appointment. Your Brick, NJ general dentist is equipped to give you answers to any questions you might have, no matter how embarrassing they might feel.
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