Dental Office in Brick NJ offers Invisalign: Best solution to straightening teeth

Have you ever heard of invisible braces? If you are looking for a solution to correct your crooked or crowded teeth while maintaining your professional look, these secret braces will be your next best friend. Lingual braces are discretely positioned at the back of your teeth to treat orthodontic issues without letting everyone notice it. Truly a confidence booster, lingual braces will allow you to comfortably communicate and smile without being self-conscious. Your Dental Office in Brick NJ has listed down two benefits of lingual braces you probably didn’t know about.


Promising Results


Aside from being incognito, lingual braces also promise to provide promising results. These braces are extremely precise, allowing the teeth to be positioned in the desired result accurately. Lingual braces can be used to treat simple to complex orthodontic problems including misaligned, crooked or badly angled teeth.


 Just as much as traditional braces help, lingual braces can also solve your orthodontic concerns progressively in 18-36 months depending on the complexity of the problem. Correcting rotations, closing extraction spaces and changing the height of your teeth can also be addressed effectively. Lingual braces also allow you to see progress and significant improvements even if the treatment is still not finished.


Protects your Lips and Cheeks


Unlike traditional braces, using lingual braces will also protect your lips and cheek since no wire will be poking at them from time to time. Poking wires are very common complaints in metal braces. Gums, cheeks, and lips can get small cuts and sore. Lingual braces solve these problems by accurately laying out the brackets and wires at the back of your teeth.


Lingual braces are also custom-made to ensure that they perfectly fit in your mouth giving you much more comfort compared to metal braces. These braces will also conceal white marks, a result of frequent sugar intake during orthodontic treatment often seen on the teeth with the traditional brace.


If you have been considering treatment, ask your dentist if lingual braces are ideal for you. Over time, these braces are proven to be aesthetically rewarding, cost-effective, and delivers a high-quality result. 

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