Dental Implant Benefits


Most people do not sit and ponder the value of their teeth. Even we do not go that far! However, we have seen this happen in patients who have experienced tooth loss. For decades, there has been a (misguided) assumption that tooth loss is an age-related condition. Yes, the risk of losing one's natural teeth increases with age; but, no, it is not the act of aging that causes teeth to suddenly become loose in their sockets! Once a permanent tooth is no longer viable, the value of that single tooth, and all others that remain, becomes obvious.


Why Tooth Replacement Could Fail You

Historically, tooth loss has been addressed with tooth replacement. Tooth replacement. On the surface, this makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Our teeth enable us to chew, they are necessary structures that are used to form sounds, and let's not forget that our teeth are what make the smile attractive! That being said, there is more to our teeth than meets the eye. When we replace only what we can see, there is a good chance that disappointment will occur sometime down the line.

It is not our teeth alone that serve us. What lies beneath is also vital to confidence, function, and comfort. Natural teeth are settled into the jawbone, where they remain stable, by their roots. Without roots, there is no real stability. This means there is no real foundation for functional and comfortable chewing. Also, the absence of roots has been identified as the primary factor in the breakdown of the jawbone. When the jawbone decreases, the face takes on an aged appearance. This is neither pleasant nor necessary. By replacing roots with implants, degradation of bone tissue can be avoided.


What Implants can do for Your Smile

To replace missing teeth with implants really means to replicate the natural oral structure. Implant posts are tiny cylinders hidden beneath the gums. These posts can be combined with a single-tooth crown, a multi-tooth bridge, or with full dentures. Whatever restoration that sits on top of implants, it is fully stabilized and secure. This facilitates full comfort and confidence, which is the ultimate goal.


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