Dentist Brick Sleep Apnea & Bruxism

Prosthodontist in NJ discuss the relationship b/w Sleep Apnea & Bruxism

Based on the research presented at CHEST 2009, people with night time teeth grinding (bruxism) often suffer from sleep apnea. 1 out of 4 people have such behavior. It occurs to most Caucasian men compared to other ethnic groups and genders.


So, what is the relationship between the two?


Bruxism and Sleep Apnea

The relationship of bruxism and sleep apnea occurs due to the arousal response. More often, the effects of apneic episodes often lead to mouth phenomena such as gasping, mumbling, snoring and teeth grinding.  Many men had shown symptoms of sleep apnea like snoring and grunting; they have a higher arousal response level. This makes them more prone to suffer both bruxism and sleep apnea.


Anxiety and Caffeine can trigger Bruxism and Sleep Apnea

Both bruxism and sleep apnea often occur due to caffeine and anxiety.  People who are depressed and anxious have higher risk on both Bruxism and sleep apnea. People who often experience sleepiness in the morning often take caffeine to keep them up, thus puts them at risk of bruxism.


Gender and Ethnicity linked to Bruxism and Sleep Apnea

There was a research observing 3 ethnic groups with 100 people in each ethnicity. Each ethnicity or respondent group has 50 women and 50 men.  The results of that research showed that many Caucasian men are prone to Bruxism and Sleep Apnea compared to Hispanics and African-American men. The researchers were able to trace these due GERD symptoms like nocturnal heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux and bruxism.


In conclusion, Bruxism and sleep apnea are related due to anxiety and arousal responses. Both can cause severe damage on one’s health. It does not only affect your dental health, but it also triggers psychological problems like sleep apnea.  When treating sleep apnea, make sure to inform your physician about your bruxism as your secondary health condition. This way, they can better find out how to properly cure your condition.

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