Ongoing Care Can Change Your Life!

Choosing a family dentist in the Brick, NJ area may seem a matter of convenience. Most families are incredibly busy, so the idea of having everyone's dental needs attended to in one local office is quite nice. It saves time. It can also save stress. What many people don't really recognize about their family dental office is that the team they trust with their teeth works with an understanding of what to watch for throughout the stages of life.


Early Childhood

The youngest dental patients will hopefully have very little need for restoration. The focus of care during the early years of life is to help parents learn the proper techniques for promoting healthy oral development in their children. It's all about education and prevention at this stage. Children are scheduled for routine exams and cleanings that will enable them to become familiar with dentistry in a fun, enjoyable way. Preventive care may include the application of topical fluoride or dental sealants, both of which can help prevent cavities.



As a child loses baby teeth and gains permanent teeth, one of the priorities of dental care is to watch jaw development. We may begin to evaluate the potential need for orthodontics sometime around the age of 7. Actual treatment cannot begin until the jaw has developed fully, around the age of 12 to 13. Teens are monitored and continually educated, as needed, on caring for their teeth with efficient brushing and flossing. This is also the time when we start watching for wisdom teeth to grow in. X-ray imaging informs us of the need to schedule removal.



Adults may still need a little reminder here and there of the need for brushing and flossing with appropriate technique. During the various decades of adulthood, the dental team is aware of the various aspects that could increase the risk for oral conditions like gum disease. These include hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, diabetes, dry mouth, and the use of certain medications. Gum disease should be treated right away in order to protect the patient from tooth loss.


With supportive, ongoing dental care, you and your family can enjoy lifelong oral health. To schedule your exam and cleaning, call (732) 477-7272.

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