Dentist Brick Teeth Whitening Options

Best Ways to Brighten Your Smile with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Brick NJ

Many people are on the hunt to find ways that will brighten and whiten their teeth. It is one of the top things that a person can do to improve the quality of their smile. Whitening will work well for many patients, but you need to be educated in regards to your options.
In-Office Tooth Whitening
When you have your teeth whitened by the dentist, you can get your teeth to appear more vibrant in a short time. The solution that is used by the dentist is often stronger than typical at-home kits. It will also be coupled with either heat or light which helps to achieve more dramatic results. Most insurance plans will not cover teeth whitening procedures so this option can normally be a little costly.
At Home Tooth Whitening
You have several options for getting your teeth whiter while staying home.
Whitening Strips or Gels – These over-the-counter products are peroxide based and applied directly to the teeth. You will use either a thin strip or brush to provide the application. This product generally gets used once or twice a day for a couple weeks.
Tray Based – These can be found over-the-counter or custom made by your dentist. You simply place the peroxide-based gel into the tray and wear it for about an hour daily for up to four weeks.
Toothpaste – While many kinds of toothpaste will help to remove surface stains on the teeth, there is special whitening toothpaste designed for more. They will contain a special polishing or chemical agent to remove stains more effectively. Unlike bleaches, these will not change the color of your teeth.
Marinating a White Smile
After you’ve completed your whitening treatments, you will want that shine to last. Follow these simple tips to help keep a white smile for longer:
Brush twice daily
Floss every day
Visit your dentist for a cleaning and checkup twice a year
Eat healthy foods
Avoid coffee, tea and smoking
Everyone wants a healthy, white smile but it is important that you do it safely. Consult with Pulido Dental Care, your top cosmetic dentist in Brick, NJ about the available options and whiten your teeth according to all instructions. This will ensure that you achieve a white smile while maintaining the health of your teeth.
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