Restore Your Smile with Your Top Prosthodontist in Ocean County NJ

When looking for the right dental restoration solution for your mouth, you are likely to come across many options. Here are four of the most popular for you to consider.
Fixed Implant Restorations
This can include a multiple or single unit and supports up to a full arch. These are the most predictable restorations currently offered in dentistry. The laboratory will create the implant with a multitude of materials and fabricate the customized restoration to suit your mouth. It will be of the highest aesthetic and strength to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. 
Fixed-Detachable Restorations
This is commonly referred to as a hybrid restoration and is removable by a clinician. It combines the restoration of acrylic teeth but processes it to a titanium CAD/CAM designed frame. This variety offers superior accuracy and an exceptional fit. They are also more affordable than some other options while still providing the look and feel of real teeth.
Fixed-Removable Restorations
These options are removable by the patient for oral hygiene purposes. They tend to offer lip support and are also fabricated with the titanium CAD/CAM system. This restoration is created on implant bars using locators or attachments. Restorations are made with a cast chrome cobalt frame for the superstructure and tend to offer three or more attachments for superior fit.
Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge
Bridges have come a long way in the dental profession. Now with superior beauty and exceeding excellence, you can obtain the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge. These are made to be of the utmost in aesthetic beauty while continuing to use technology that creates a strong foundation. Since the process doesn’t involve using veneered porcelain, there is no more concern about chipping. It also eliminates the wear on your opposing teeth. You can expect this to cost more than a traditional bridge, but its well worth it when you consider the durability and appearance.
These are not the only options available to you. Schedule an appointment Pulido Dental Care, for high quality prosthodontics in Ocean County, NJ. A consultation will allow you to discuss all the available options for your dental needs. Together, we can determine the proper course of action.
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