Dentist Brick What the Tongue Says about Your Oral Health

Learn about Connection Between Your Tongue and Oral Health from Your Dental Office in Brick NJ

You always hear the dentist telling you how to keep your gums and teeth healthy, but there’s rarely as much focus on the state of your tongue. Maybe you don’t pay much attention to it, but the tongue is an excellent indicator of oral health. Here are some things it might be trying to tell you from Dental Office in Brick NJ.


White Coating

If you suffer from a dry mouth or have poor oral hygiene, your tongue might turn white. This is the result of your papillae containing an overgrowth of bacteria. Cleaning your mouth correctly should fix the condition.


Black or Brown Color

If you smoke or use tobacco products, your tongue might gain a brown or black color. This is caused by papillae that have been stained. Sometimes it’s produced by drinks, foods or certain medications.

There’s even a name for this condition – black hairy tongue. Proper oral care should correct the issue along with ceasing all tobacco usage.


White Patches

If you have white spots on the tongue, you might be suffering from a yeast overgrowth. This is also referred to as thrush. The most susceptible group of people are newborns, elderly and pregnant women. Other people that are prone to thrush include denture wearers or those taking antibiotics. An anti-fungal medication treats this and returns your tongue to its healthy state again.


White Lacy Pattern

This might be oral lichen planus, an indication that your immune system is fighting off cells in your mouth. Sometimes it appears as red patches as well.



If your tongue is smooth and pale, it might mean you are battling anemia.


The next time you brush your teeth, take a look at your tongue to make sure it’s not trying to tell you something. If you see something unusual, make an appointment with your dentist.

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