Dentist Brick When to Cancel Your Dental Appointment

Should you Reschedule Your Brick, NJ Dentist Appointment?

A frequently asked question that many people have is should they cancel their dentist appointment if they are sick? This really depends on each dentist and what their policies are. Many people are torn about what to do since they realize the importance of keeping these routine dental appointments. However, at the same time could your visit be affected by the sickness that you have?


When Sickness Interferes

While each dentist will have their own rules about whether a patient needs to reschedule if they are sick, there some types of sickness that can have a major interference with dental exams and work in general. These include:


- Being congested: If you are congested, chances are you cannot breathe out of your nose, which can make it harder to perform some dental procedures.

- Coughing: If you are coughing, you could find it hard to sit back and let the dentist do their job.

- Stomach Upsets: With any stomach upset, you simply may not feel like sitting in an exam chair or may be unable to sit in one due to the stomach issues you are having.


When to Call Your Dentist


There are specific times when you need to call your dentist to cancel. For example:


- If you have a contagious illness such as the flu since most health professional advises going nowhere until you are no longer contagious. After all, you don’t want to make everyone else sick!

- If you are running a fever for any chance, avoid going in as this could mean you are contagious.


There may be times in which the dentist will offer an alternative if you are sick. For example, they may ask you to come into the office, but to wear a face mask while sitting in the waiting room. However, for the most part, if you are sick, dentists would rather you stay home and rest. Be sure to call and cancel the appointment and reschedule this at a later date so you are not neglecting your oral health. Your oral health is just as important as your overall health! 

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