Family Dentist in Brick, NJ Discusses Pediatric X-Rays

Children are at a higher risk of cancer than adults when it comes to radiation sensitivity. It isn’t because one x-ray leads to cancer, but the accumulation of lifetime x-rays and radiation exposure. For this reason, it’s important to consider how many dental x-rays your child is exposed to. Here’s what you need to know.
Reasons for a Pediatric X-Ray
To help limit radiation exposure, the dentist will only x-ray a child if there are signs of:
Poor health
Tooth decay
Misalignment or crowding of the teeth
Most times the dentist starts with a clinical exam to see if the information can be determined that way first. X-rays only come secondary to a thorough checkup.
Deciding if Your Child Needs an X-Ray
Most dentists only recommend an x-ray if it is necessary. If you are concerned that your office is recommending something that isn’t good for your child, it is always smart to get a second opinion. 
Questions to ask your dentist before having an x-ray:
Is there any other way to diagnose this without the x-ray?
What happens to my child if we don’t move forward with an x-ray?
A good example of when an x-ray would be needed is if the dentist thinks your child has a cavity but doesn’t see it with their eye. Catching it early avoid further damage later or possibly even the loss of a tooth.
Safety Tips for Pediatric X-Rays
Here are some guidelines to follow to protect your children:
Ensure that all x-rays are digital.
If they are conventional, ensure they are E-film instead of D-film. 
Ask the dentist to use a cavity detector first if they have one.
Limit x-rays to only what is necessary.
It is important for your child to visit your family dentist in Brick, NJ on a regular basis. This helps to prevent larger issues from surfacing plus teaches them how to properly care for their teeth. Pulido Dental Care can be reached at (732) 477-7272, give us a call today to schedule your child's next appointment.
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