Dental Technology Utilized by Your Brick NJ Dentist at Pulido Dental Care

Dental Technology Utilized at Pulido Dental Care


As dentistry grows, so does the technology that your Brick NJ dentist utilizes in our office. We want to ensure that our patients are getting the best care possible, but we can only do that with the advancements that dental technology offers.


Today, 3D dental imaging is one of the most beneficial developments in dental technology within this past decade. We want our patients to have everything they need to know about 3D dental imaging and how Pulido Dental Care uses it to improve the smile of our patients.





What is 3D Dental Imaging?

Your dentists in Brick will be using 3D dental imaging to see your teeth, gums and other parts of your mouth in a new and more efficient way. While everyone is familiar with x-rays, these 3D scans give us the ability to see any abnormalities or issues that are going on better than before. If there’s an issue that’s in its preliminary stages, we’ll be able to take note of it and work to remove or reverse any problems so that your smile is healthy and strong.


Traditional x-rays that most patients know of only give us a 2D image of your mouth and while these can still help us identify any problem that can’t be seen with the naked eye, having a 3D image taken of your mouth and skill broadens our view and lets us see even more. 


We typically use these 3D dental images for diagnosis and treatment planning, so we can work together with our patients and formulate the best approach to treat any dental issues you may have. These images are also utilized for dental implant procedures, helping your Brick NJ dentists plan the treatment by creating surgical implant guides. At Pulido Dental Care, we are taking our 3D images using the Kavo OP 3D Cone Bean CT Machine.


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What are the Advantages?

There are numerous advantages of 3D technology within dentistry that trumps other standard methods from the past. Having an up-to-date dental office allows us to show patients that we care about the growth of dental technology and want to have all of the latest and greatest things that will give you the care you deserve.


Below are some of the few things that 3D dental imaging can provide:

· Improved Image Accuracy: These images are a high resolution that allows us to see all the details necessary to make a better and more precise decision when it comes to the dental service that your smile may need.

· Image Detail: These 3D images show us much more than a standard 2D x-ray image. We’re able to see nerves, musculature, infections or bacterial growth, and so much more. This also helps us plan what service or restoration you’ll need to protect your smile.

· User-Friendly and Interactive: These machines are easy to learn and use, designed for trained dentists, hygienists, and technicians to understand and share with patients so they can feel more comfortable about what’s going on and what the next best steps are.

· Non-Intrusive: No more uncomfortable mold or plastic that patients need to bite down on! These machines scan your whole head without patients having to do anything. Patient comfort is something we always wish to achieve, and we believe utilizing this technology will improve dental experiences.








Biolase Epic X Laser

This diode laser is a versatile instrument that can be used during surgery, numerous hygiene procedures like cleanings, and even teeth whitening. This tool can also be utilized for pain relief, including anything associated with TMJ or other similar disorders.





Digital Radiography

There are countless advantages to digital radiography in our dental office. Not only will it improve the efficiency of treatments and appointments for our patients, but it also provides us, your staff and dentists in Brick NJ, with a better understanding and comprehension of the care that you need.

Here are even more benefits of digital radiography:

· Easy to use, share, and save

· Saves time and productivity

· Enhanced imagery and quality

· Much lower rate of radiation exposure – about 75%





3Shape TRIOS

With the help of the 3Shape TRIOS, your Brick dentists are able to provide live 3D visualization, utilizes an easy-to-use interface, supplies HD photos, and much more. Your dentists at Pulido Dental Care are able to scan the patient’s mouth in a comfortable way and prevent taking impressions with alginate or PVS material. These scans also help improve the speed of the treatment process by receiving the crowns and other materials from the lab much faster.


This tool is comfortable, fast, and gives both the professionals and the patients the answers that they’re looking for.

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