Dentist Brick Cotton Candy was Invented by a Dentist

Dentist in Brick NJ Discusses Popular Summer Treat

It’s summertime and that means carnivals and fairs galore. As you enjoy your festivities this summer, how about learning the history of cotton candy. We all know that this spun sugar, aka cotton candy, is no good for our teeth or our bodies, yet Americans all over will consume plenty of it this summer. Before you go indulge in the pink fluffy cloud that you dream about at night, let’s look at the interesting beginnings of this cavity-causing substance.
Who Invented Cotton Candy?
What surprises most people is that the inventor of cotton candy was a dentist. William Morrison joined with John Wharton, a candy maker from Tennessee in 1897. Together, they worked on a formulation that would get everyone excited. What became of their hard work was cotton candy. It was first sold at the World’s Fair in 1908 for 25¢ each. Not surprisingly, it became an instant hit with Americans.
How Bad is Cotton Candy?
We all know that avoiding sugar is essential if we want to maintain good oral hygiene. So, just how bad is cotton candy? It’s not as terrible as you might have thought. The strings of sugar are made of up mainly air. An ounce of cotton candy contains about 26 grams of sugar. That is a lot, but not when you compare it to some other fair foods. For example, funnel cake contains 35 grams and a candy apple has a whopping 45 grams. That’s almost double the amount of some cotton candy.
There are some healthy options you can enjoy while at the fair. Why not try one of these options instead?
Corn on the cob
Baked potato
Turkey Leg
We may never know why a dentist created cotton candy. Maybe his appointment book had some holes that needed to be filled? What we do know is that we need to avoid temptations if we want to protect our smile. Sugar on the teeth leads to plaque which turns into tooth decay. Don’t allow a few minutes of indulgence lead you on the path of destruction. Avoid temptation and pick healthy treats this summer.
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