Let Your Family Dentist in Brick NJ Help Share Why a Healthy Smile is So Important for Children During Their First Appointment!


It’s almost time for your child’s first visit to the dentist! It’s an experience that can be both nerve-wracking and exciting, but with the help of your family dentist in Brick NJ, we’ll make it easy and enjoyable.  We’re happy to work with children and start their dental journey off on the right foot. It’s worthy of a celebration when your children’s baby teeth start to come in and that also includes visiting the dentist.


A popular myth about baby teeth is that children won’t need too much extensive dental care since these teeth are going to fall out anyway, but that just isn’t true! Even though these teeth are going to fall out, taking care of them is an extremely important part of their permanent smile. Keeping their baby teeth healthy sets an example for the teeth that are to come; if the gums and surrounding area are damaged or infected, the teeth will also be negatively affected, too.


We offer several treatment options for children in order to improve their oral and dental health, including exams/cleanings, fillings, extractions, fluoride treatments, and oral health education. We want to make sure that their first check-up is one to remember! Here at Pulido Dental Care, we believe that education can dramatically increase the way your child feels about brushing and flossing their teeth.


For at-home dental tips, we encourage parents to share how important it is to their children to brush and floss their teeth every day. Kids constantly look up to their parents, so setting a good example can be the first step! Every morning and night, join your child in brushing their teeth to ensure that it’s fun and beneficial in many ways. If you have a positive outlook on dental care, your children will have the same!


Learn more about our available pediatric dental care and call your family dentist in Brick NJ today to schedule an appointment at (732) 477-7272.

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