Dentist Brick Overlooked Smiling Benefits

Your Brick Dentist Wants to See You Smile

One of the main goals of our dental office in Brick NJ is to help you achieve a smile that you love to show off to the entire world, every single day. Dr. Pulido knows how much a smile can impact a person. From their looks to the emotions they have inside to everything in between- smiles can mean just more than a bright, straight set of chompers. We know that we all might take our smiles for granted from time to time, and with that in mind- below we have listed some often overlooked benefits you can get from showing off a genuine smile to the world!


Speak Without Saying

Your smile has the ability to say what you sometimes cannot. For shy or nervous people- this might not always be the best thing, but it can be an honest way of telling how you feel! Don’t have the courage to say “hello” to that someone across the room, shooting a quick smile their way might tell them you want to get to know them. Don’t feel brave enough to tell your new boss “I got this?” Well, a firm handshake and big smile might do the trick. Smiles transcend language- who knows what one smile to the right someone will bring!


Looking and Feeling Great

Let’s face it- you always look your best when you smile. Not only do you translate some of the aforementioned positive, unspoken vibes- but you can also look younger too! Smiling activates certain facial muscles that prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. Genuine smiling also releases endorphins and hormones that help suppress pain, battle depression and even keep your immune system in top shape for when sickness arrives. Smile big to enjoy having your I.D. asked for again when you go out for a drink, or to ward off the “pain” when the server calls you “mam” or “sir” after that.


It Is Contagious

We know- it is on tons of posters you can see in kindergarten classrooms worldwide, but it is true, smiling does beget smiling. For every person you smile at, about half of them will smile back or go on to smile at someone else. You can smile even more by knowing you have shared all of the above benefits with someone else, all with the power of a smile!


To keep your smile in the best shape for sharing with the world, visit our Brick NJ dental office regularly! You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Pulido today by calling us at (732) 477-7272.

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