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Being the best Brick NJ dentist, we see patients of all ages and with all sorts of dental related issues on a daily basis here at Pulido Dental Care. And while the circumstances of these visits will be specific to each and every individual patient, certain patterns can still come to the surface concerning “how” or “why” a set of patient’s teeth got the way they are.


One area we see this in specifically is with teeth sensitivity. That ache and throb that goes along with the eating or drinking of hot and cold, sweet and sour foods and drinks are actually SO common, that it is estimated about half of the world’s population deals with it at any given time. For your relief, we have provided some information on the causes of sensitivity, and solutions to it, below for you today!


How Sensitivity Starts

As mentioned above, every patient’s sensitivity may start just a little bit differently than the next. One of the most common causes we have found, however, is from your diet. Years of acidic and sugary food and drink can eat away at the enamel, eventually causing holes to form in the tooth itself. When these holes progress more and more, they can create a channel directly to the center where the nerve resides. When a beverage or food then comes into contact with that nerve, it causes a throb and ache to start that takes serious time to resolve.


How to End Sensitivity

If you take a stroll down the local drugstore’s oral health care aisle, you will find plenty of products dedicated to sensitive teeth. The problem with most of these is that they only provide temporary relief, a numbing that takes away the pain but doesn’t get to the root problem. The only way, most of the time, is to seek permanent restorative treatments with your Brick NJ Dentist, Dr. Pulido.


Call our office today to schedule an appointment or to discuss possible solutions to your teeth sensitivity. We can be reached at (732) 477-7272.

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