Brick NJ Dentist Emphasizes Importance of a Good Diet for Your Smile


Tooth decay is a serious dental issue that puts thousands of patients at risk for discoloration, great discomfort, and potential tooth loss. Earlier in the month of February was National Toothache Day, where dentists all around wanted patients to know the importance of addressing any dental pain that they’re experiencing. Below, your Brick NJ dentist gives some tips on how you can protect your teeth on the daily.


Improve Your Everyday Diet
When you’re thinking about what you eat, you don’t usually think about how it affects your teeth, but it’s more important than you think. Every food and drink item that you consume immediately comes in contact with your teeth, which always puts them at risk for cavities and decay.


There are certain foods and drinks that are more harmful than others, especially for your teeth. Take note of the amount of sugar and acidity that the items in your diet have and limit what you consume if you have a less than valuable diet.


Check out these tips for more ways to avoid tooth decay and protect your smile. To keep up the good work, contact your Brick NJ dentist by calling our office at (732) 477-7272 to schedule an appointment.


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