Family Dentist in Brick, NJ Breaks Down Tooth Removal

If you are in need of a dental extraction, look no further than Pulido Dental Care. There are several reasons in which a patient may need to have a tooth removed. Most commonly, due to an infection has that has spread beyond repair methods such as root canal therapy. 
The following are the most common reasons for tooth removal: 
Advanced Gum Disease: If you are suffering from severe gum disease, tooth extraction may be the only option to prevent the spread of infection to supporting bone and tissues. 
Orthodontic Work: In order to properly align teeth, some of your teeth may need to be extracted to create room for shifting teeth. 
Blockage: If a tooth is preventing other teeth from growing in properly, your dentist may choose to remove it. 
Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth can be extracted prior to, or after they grow in. The growth of wisdom teeth can shift teeth and negate previous orthodontic work.  
Cost: If an infection or decay has progressed to an advanced stage, alternate repair options may incur high fees. 
Extraction Process 
Your family dentist in Brick, NJ wants to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Please voice any concerns or questions before the procedure begins. To start, an anesthetic will be administered to numb the infected area. You will experience great pressure as the tooth is extracted, but you will not feel the pain of the removal. The extraction process typically only requires a few minutes. 
It is normal to experience some bleeding following the procedure. Gauze will be used within the affected area to help control it. The bleeding will decrease over the next day or so. Post-procedure care instructions will be provided to you. 
Please make sure your dentist is well informed of any medications you may be taken during the time of the procedure. This may alter the course of treatment chosen, or scheduled appointment date. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your next appointment with Pulido Dental Care, please give our office a call at (732) 477-7272. 
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