Dentist Brick Shake Your Sweet Tooth

Dentist in Brick NJ Explains Why It’s Difficult to Avoid Sweets & Treats

Taking care of your smile goes further than simply brushing and flossing. Having a proper diet affects your dental health more than a patient may think! It’s no surprise that sugar is bad for your teeth, but many patients struggle with cutting the amount of sugar they consume out of their daily diet. Below, your dentist in Brick NJ explains the dental difficulty of dealing with sugar.


Many people have trouble cutting sugar out of their diet because they may be “addicted” or “wired” to it. While it sounds silly, it’s the simple fact of this: if you consume a large amount of sugar in your regular diet, you’re more likely to enjoy sugary foods and drinks more often. Of course, it may seem obvious, but the solution is to cut back on the amount of sugar consumption.


Knowing the amount of sugar you consume in your diet is an important note if you’re interested in eliminating it. With drinks like sodas and fruit juices, there are large amounts of sugar in each beverage that can easily change your palate to make you more accustomed to the taste and not notice how much you’re actually consuming.


Learn more about ways to overcome sugar cravings and don’t forget to make an appointment with your dentist in Brick NJ by contacting our office at (732) 477-7272 today!


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