Dentist Brick To Brush Before or After Breakfast

Family Dentist in Brick NJ Talks about When to Brush Your Teeth in the Morning


Your family dentist in Brick NJ insists on brushing your teeth in the morning and at night to keep your smile bright and healthy! But patients wonder when’s the best time to brush your teeth after you wake up; should you enjoy your breakfast before you brush or after? On one hand, if you brush your teeth before you eat breakfast, you’re getting rid of the bad breath that you normally wake up with. But if you brush your teeth afterward, you’re getting rid of any excess food particles that may have lingered after your meal. So which one is the best?


Let’s start with what happens to your teeth when you’re sleeping. At night, your body slows down in every area, including your saliva. As you sleep, you’re not producing the same amount of saliva as you do when you’re awake, which means your teeth are quite vulnerable when you wake up. One of the most prominent issues that people suffer from when they get up for the day is bad breath, but if you don’t brush your teeth at all in the morning, you’re at a higher risk for intense dental and oral problems.


People are also known to have a sweet tooth at night and are prone to eating candies and desserts before they go to bed, which is a big red flag! Eating lots of sugar late at night damages your teeth more than you may think; after an entire day of eating and drinking potentially harmful items, your teeth are more vulnerable at night and the bacteria builds up faster.


So when do you brush your teeth after you wake up? Should you do it before you eat breakfast or after? Either way, it doesn’t matter—just as long as you do it! It’s all personal preference and beneficial if you choose to brush before or after. The whole point of brushing in the morning to get rid of the bacteria that built up through the night, so as long as you make sure that you’re doing it!


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